Vol 4, No 10 (2018)


Journal for Studies in Management and Planning is a leading journal in the field of urban planning, development studies, commerce, finance, management and economocis. This journal tends to bring about a revolution in the financial research through its unparalleled quality, undaunted approach and panoptic coverage of the research efforts being undertaken all around the globe. The journal intends to provide the super ordinate podium to the researchers to share their findings with the global community after having crossed the quality checks and legitimacy criteria, which in no way promise to be liberal.

In today's complex and dynamic business world, the only constant factor is change. The global economic environment is rapidly evolving in response to the profound changes swiftly sweeping the financial world all over. The present trend towards financial sector liberalization and globalisation, especially with respect to the emerging market economies has resulted in an overall trend towards conglomeration, internationalisation and dollarisation in the financial systems of many of the countries. Such trends have resulted in inextricable linkages between the financial, economic and developmental destinies of the participant countries. The case in point is, the financial events of the last three years, which began in a seemingly small part of the US housing market, have touched all of our lives and come to test the resilience of economic, business and financial systems the world over. The bankruptcy tales of the business behemoths which began in the West haunted the industrial players world over resulting in sterner governance norms. This linkage is put more in a proverbial manner in the Indian contours as “When US sneezes, India catches cold” which is only indicative of the coupling and decoupling effects shared by the geographically distant countries.

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Okechukwu Eucharia Amaka
Sayeed Mahmud, Abu Zafar Mahmudul Haq, Md. Ruhul Amin
DUKE, Otu O., ETIM, Emmanuel Eyo
DUKE, Otu O, ETIM, Emmanuel Eyo
RR. Sasmaya Hati, Eka Danta Jaya Ginting, Gustiarti Leila
Swangro Lumbanbatu, Zulkifli Nasution, Mr. Rujiman