Performance Assessment management using data envelopment analysis (DEA)

Tahereh Ghanbarpour Dafchahi, Mehdi Taj Mehri


Organizational performance has a significant effect on the activities of an organization and the methods and tools for evaluation are always one of the most important topics in the organizational and academic research. On the other DEA models can be made to meet the application needs to be done extensive research in various scientific fields. Much research has been done using this technique show considerable potential of this methodology for the evaluation and performance measurement comfortable. Given the importance of industrial cities in developing countries is very important to evaluate the performance of the industrial towns. Evaluation of the industrial towns of the province and to evaluate and compare the performance of this settlement is a step in the direction of continuous improvement. Accordingly, this paper describes a model for evaluating the performance of the industrial towns of the province, using data development analysis. This study form view point of aim is applied research and from view point of data collection is descriptive and causal-comparative research. The population of the study is10Industrial Parkis Semnan province. Select the inputs and outputs of this research, according to previous studies, is interviews and surveys conducted by experts. Driver has been selected as criteria include the total land area (m) and outputs, including proceeds from the sale of land and container and all of the costs (RIAL). Finally, according to the analysis made of the numerous models of DEA, input-oriented CCR model to evaluate the performance has been selected. Anderson-Patterson again used for those who have efficiency 1 and Investigation of efficient and inefficient it’s revealed that Damghanand Aradan industrial town were identified as efficient and Lasjerd were identified sin efficient industrial.


performance evaluation, data envelopment analysis

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