Startups - The Inception of New Era

Dimple Khosla, Mayank Sharma, Anmol Madaan


On 16 January, 2016 Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi unveiled the exhilarating campaign of startup India, stand up India to boost entrepreneurship and catalyze the private investment in the economy. Almost all of us have heard the word 'start up' nowadays. But what exactly startup is? Is it a new business? Is it an Innovation? Presence on online platform nevertheless? Well, it is not complex to understand, a startup can either be an offline or online development of a utility for a customer which can be in demand, bankrolled by venture capitalists and angel investors. The key here is these investors who capitalize the business which is nascent and striving for sustainable growth. Besides this these investors can earn a handsome amount of return on the culmination of these startups.
Well it’s not too easy to fetch fund from these investors, the idea should be 'out of the box' that could attract these capitalists considering the cut throat competition in this era of globalization. On the bright side investors are gaining confidence. The total funding in India (2015) was more than the GDP of 7 states. Apparently startups are soaring. Presently there are 3100 startups in India which is third largest base in the world. Almost 800 startups are setting annually. By 2020 there would be around 11500 startups, employing 250000 people. The direct impact will be on employment. Having an advantageous demographic dividend, i.e. 65% of the population is 35 or under. Statistics shows India has bowl full of opportunities for the people interested in becoming self-employed, keeping up with the expectations, the Govt. has unleashed a full-fledged action plan for creating self employment opportunities.

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