Exploring Utopia in Agrahaarams : Early Tamil Brahmin settlements in Kerala

Abhishek Koduvayur Venkitaraman


This review examines the concepts followed in the planning of Agraharaams – Tamil Brahmin Villages in various parts of South India, stressing upon the social aspect of the community living. It is also intended to highlight the various traditions and customs followed over centuries by Tamil Brahmin sects mainly Iyers and Iyengars. Some five centuries ago, a majority of Tamil Brahmins, fearing the invasion of a muslim ruler, migrated and settled down in various parts of Kerala and established their own communities and villages-Agrahaarams based on Traditional aspects of Vedic Town Planning. Over the years, times have changed but the villages are in a time-warp, continuing the traditions and customs of their ancestors.


Utopia in Agrahaarams, Early Tamil Brahmin settlements, Iyers and Iyengars, traditions and customs

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